Laboratories - Mechanical Engineering

Computer Laboratories

Computer Aided Design Laboratory - Softwares used are Autocad, PRO Engineer , Ansys
CAM - Softwares used are CNC XL MILL ,XL TURN

Thermal Engineering Lab I & II

The Laboratory is equipped with modern Boilers, Two stroke and Four stroke Diesel & Petrol engine system with data acquisition system, Heat transfer systems, Vapour compression & Refrigeration systems, for the detailed study about the performance and operation of all thermal energy systems, heat ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab

Equipped with all types of turbines, the Laboratory comprises all types of flow measurement systems with open type tanks, different types of hydraulic pumps, for the detailed study of hydraulic energy and related machinery.

Strength Of Materials Lab

This laboratory, primarily constructed to study the features of strength of materials, includes hardness testing machines, Universal testing machines, Impact testing machines & Compression testing machines.

Dynamics of machinery lab

In Mechanical Engineering, It is very important to learn about the motion of the various rotating and unbalanced machines. the laboratory facilitates all the necessary equipments to study the motion. It is equipped with Gyroscope, Governors, Balancing of masses, Vibrating table.

Metrology and Measurements lab

Metrology is the science of measurement. Measurements of mechanical components is very much instrumental in defining the structure and performance ability,. Metrology includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement . This lab includes sine bar,verneir callipers,and all measuring instruments.

Mechatronics Laboratory

The research in mechatronics laboratory is focused on various aspects of motion control of mechanical systems. The lab comprises of Electro and Pneumatic trainer kits, Stepper motor control, Data logging systems, and Labview sofware.

Manufacturing Technology Lab

Manufacturing Technology lab includes modern Lathes such as Turret and Capstan Lathe, ordinary lathes, slotter, planner.

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