Electrical & Electronics Engg.

Laboratories - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Name of the Laboratory Equipments and Softwares used
Electrical Machines Laboratory - Characteristics and Behavior of the DC and AC Machines,
- All kinds of motors, generators, transformers and latest Drives.
Control and Instrumentation Laboratory - All types of transducers,
- PC based study of Instrumentation and Control Systems using MAT LAB software,
- Equipments for open loop and closed loop system,
- Equipments like AC and DC Servomotor and Position Control System,
- Controller Design Kit,
- LVDT, Strain Gauge,
- Thermistors, Thermocouple and RTD Kit,
- CROs, Digital storage oscilloscopes etc.
Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory - Modern equipments including Switched Reluctance Motor with loading,
- DSP Controller,
- Microcontroller and Micro controller based speed control of VSI fed three-phase induction motor,
- DSP based speed control of BLDC motor,
- Micro controller based speed control of Stepper motor,
- DSP based speed control of SRM motor.
Power Electronics Laboratory - Different kinds of equipments, devices and ICs to study about the characteristics of electronics and related topics,
- Power Electronic Converters,
- DSP and FPGA based DC and AC Drives,
- Digital Integrated Kits,
- Microprocessor and Microcontroller Kits of 8 bit and 16 bits type.
Electrical Workshop Laboratory - Practical knowledge about wiring, functioning of rectifiers and colour coding of resistance,
- Equipments to study the basics of Electrical Engineering.

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