Laboratories - Civil Engineering

Surveying Laboratory

The Surveying Laboratory is equipped with the instruments and tools used for the surveying course. Students learn techniques for gathering field data with both traditional and modern instruments and demonstrate their proficiency on lab exercises. Each lab group, comprising of three students, has a dedicated set of instruments to use, including Dumpy level, theodolite, and total station. Each group also has level rods, tripods, tape measures, chaining pins, and other common surveying tools and equipment. The various other equipments available in the lab are
Metal Ranging Rods
Measuring Chain
Prismatic Compass
Engineers Plane Table
Levelling Staff
Total Station

Autocad Laboratory

Latest configuartion Computers 60 Nos with Autocad software

Soil Mechanics Laboratory

The soil mechanics laboratory has equipments used for the evaluation of physical properties of soils, such as, mass, weight, unit weight, mass density of the soil mass and its component phases. Soil mechanics laboratory is well equipped with all the equipments required for identification and classification of soils.
The various equipments available in the lab are
Triaxial Apparatus
Standard Penetration Test Apparatus
Direct Shear Test Apparatus
Proctor Compaction Apparatus
Sand Pouring Cylinder
Unconfined Compression Tester (proving ring type)
Consolidation Test Apparatus
CBR Apparatus
Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
Liquid Limit Cone Penetrometer
Sieve Shaker (motorized)
Plastic Limit Apparatus
Hot Air Oven
Vane Shear Apparatus
Brass Sieve 4.75 to 75 micron.

Strength of Materials Laboratory

Strength of Materials Laboratory comprises facilities for testing building materials. The strength, behavior and suitability for various applications are tested in the Laboratory. The equipments available in the laboratory are Universal Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Ultrasonic Testing Machine, Flexural Testing Machine and Tension Meter etc.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is well equipped with flow measuring devices in pipes and flow measurements in open channels. Facilities are available for calibration of flow measuring devices as well as pressure testing of pipes and pumps. The various equipments available in the lab are Venturi Meters, Orifice meters, Notch Plates, Pipe Friction Apparatus, Mouth Pieces, Orifice Plates, Centrifugal Pump, Submersible Pump, Jet Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Screw Pump, Pelton Wheel Turbine

Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory

The Laboratory is furnished with equipments to run standard tests on cement, aggregates and concrete. The laboratory is used both for teaching and research. Apparatus are available to measure aggregate properties, to test the impact and crushing strength of materials, to measure properties of fresh concrete Slump cone, Compaction factor and vee-bee consistometer. Concrete is cured under controlled temperature and humidity in the lab's curing tank. Compression testing machine, Flexural testing machine, with load capacities of 180 tons (400,000 lb) are used for concrete strength determination.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The Laboratory has sophisticated equipments to analyze pollution parameters in water ,wastewater, soil and Air.The sophisticated instrument list includes pH meter, Thermometer, Desiccator, Quebec colony counter, microscope, Vacuum pump, Hot air oven.

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